Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dropshipping Will not Make you Money on Ebay

Author: Christopher Bernard

If you are considering using dropshipping to supply your eBay auctions with products then this article might change your mind and send you in the right direction...

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A Comparison of Different Earning Strategies on eBay

Author: James Finnila

Generally there is only one earning strategy employed by eBay sellers. Buy low and sell for a profit. Sellers may be cruising yard sales on a weekend, op shops, or bargain bins in department stores, or they may have access to suppliers of wholesale goods (including dropshippers).

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Great Ideas for your Auction Site Business

By: Joel Dresse

Finding great items to sell can be difficult for some people. After all, your auction site business depends on great items that you can purchase very inexpensively and sell for a profit. If you are having difficulty finding items online for your auction business, here are some easy tips.

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How to Sell Your Crafts on eBay

By: James Dillehay

Artists, craftspeople and photographers are successfully selling their wares everyday on the online auction site, eBay. According to a recent analysis of eBay sales, a crafts-related item is sold every nine seconds, a scrapbook item is sold every minute, and 40 cross-stitch items sell in an hour on eBay. Sales of craft items on eBay have grown almost 60 percent in the past year, according to

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10 Steps to Successful Selling On Ebay

By: Jane Foster

Step 1: Identify your market.Take a while to sit and watch for what sells and what doesn't out of the items you're interested in. Any market research data you can collect will be very useful to you later on. You'll probably see the sweet spots quite quickly - those one or two items that always seem to sell for a good price.

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The Unearthed Secrets Of An eBay PowerSeller

By: Seth Chong

Have you seen any sellers on eBay which shows a "star" and the word "PowerSeller" by the side of their names? PowerSellers are eBay's top sellers who have sustained a consistent high volume of monthly sales, a high level of total 98% positive feedback or better, and have met a threshold of compliance with all marketplace policies

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The Easy Money Earner Using eBay

By: Ian Stables

A brilliant idea I ran across the other day meant I could get a large cash sum in about 3 days.All it meant is that I bought an item on eBay which had resale rights and struck up an agreement with a powerseller.Before I explain it I want you to imagine this...

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How To Use Ebay To Gather Tons Of Quality Traffic

By: Matt O'Connor

The major bugbear of any webmaster is that no matter how stylish, how well written or how downright beautiful their site is - it all counts for nothing unless you have traffic.There are many articles (just like this one) that can describe the varying ways of getting eager visitors to gaze upon the marvels of your site.You could use reciprocal links to get visitors from other websites - although there is talk that the value of these is slowly diminishing.

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